Why hold an event?

Why hold an event?

Why hold an event?

Why hold an event?

It’s a question I’ve been asked a lot as an Event Organiser and one I find easy and thoroughly enjoy answering!


I’ve worked with many business owners who attend lots of events and make contacts through networking, meeting people who might possibly become clients of the future but people who host events, no matter how reluctant they may be before hand, are always ready to book the next event soon after the last one ends.

The fact is, that as an attendee at someone else’s event, you’re one of many and no matter how seasoned or skilled you are unless you have something magical up your sleeve, you have to work really hard to stand out and remain memorable to everyone else there.

However, as the host, you don’t only have the advantage over everyone else of being the centre of attention, if the event is held on your premises, you also have the advantage of being able to show off the things that you do.

Think about your own experiences at events… how many of those there do you remember?

Of course, there’ll be some, especially if you made a contact which you knew would lead to another meeting but the rest, well, who were they all anyway!

On the other hand, I’ll bet you remember the host of virtually every event you’ve been to and spoken to other people about them since, even if you didn’t do business with them.

So, there’s the answer… It doesn’t matter what your business, or even what sort of premises you have. If your office or shop isn’t big enough there are other venues where you can host your own event.

But if you do have premises and don’t want to have the problem of getting everyone there yourself, you could offer your venue to someone else who puts on regular events, most will jump at the chance of a new venue to freshen up their meetings and you and your staff still get to be the centre of attention, showing off the things you do.

Consider the business value of hosting an event on your premises and the cudos, credibility and opportunities it could bring and if we can help you in any way to make it a success, we’d be thoroughly delighted.

Give us a call to discuss the possibilities.


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