How it all began

How it all began

Polka Dot Events

How it all began…….

Hello, my name is Kerry and I am the owner of Polka Dot Events Management, here is my story of how Polka Dot Events began.

In 2015 my dad was diagnosed with a Stage 4 brain tumour, in the October dad underwent an extremely risky operation, the operation was a huge success and 98% of the tumour was removed, a tough year of chemotherapy followed, we were informed that the tumour was aggressive and would still come back, in the October of 2016 Dad was cancer free, sadly in December 2016 the tumour came back just as aggressive and my dad lost his battle in Feb 2017. After the passing of my Dad followed a lot of pain, sadness and anger. In February 2018, after a lot of reflecting I made a big decision that life was for living, that tomorrow is not a given and I should do something I love, something I truly believed in, after working within the corporate industry for many years, it was just not fulfilling anymore, the passion and drive had disappeared, I knew what I loved to do and knew what I was good at, after talking to family and friends who 100% agreed with me, I gave my notice to my employer, I decided that I was going into Events Management.

Now that was the hard decision made, I was ready? Oh no, the hardest decision at this point was What do I call my company? I spent days and I mean days writing down words, abbreviations, anything I saw I tried a word play, I had group chats with family and friends, throwing phrases and words at them all, I literally was becoming frustrated, so I stop and decided that if I stopped looking, it would come to me?

One evening as I was lying on my bed, I noticed my Polka Dot plimsolls, then I remembered, my gorgeous Red Polka Dot Heels, my favourite polka dot cup, my polka dot table cloth … and Eureka, I love Polka Dot, just one more message to my group chats and with no hesitation replies were “YES that is so you” “OMG, why didn’t we think of that before” “LOVE IT” so there is it…. POLKA DOT EVENTS MANAGEMENT was launched…….

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