Is Networking Worth It?

Is Networking Worth It?

As a startup company this question, Is Networking Worth It ? I am sure gets asked over and over again, my answer is 100% absolutely yes!!

As per my previous blog, because of one network event the Kettering Business Awards was born,  I was apprehensive about networking, what if I am out of my depth? What if I am not taken seriously? What can I offer? This was a new world to me, I had no idea what to expect, I can honestly say it’s one to the best decisions I made to connect with people, I have met amazing people, from every network event I have attended I have walked away more connected and knowledgeable then before, they say every day is a learning day, in the networking world these words are so true

If you are a small company or work on your own, networking is invaluable, don’t get me wrong, I know I was lucky with my first event, right place, right time springs to mind, it doesn’t always happen like that, networking can be slow, do not expect sales or clients straight away, build trust, build up relationships, help and support others and don’t make it all about yourself, I promise you, you will see results for yourself and company.

The only downside of networking is that it can take you away from your busy day schedule, after research and talking to other business owners, we took this feedback on board and working with Holiday Inn Express in Kettering we decided to launch our own social networking group which launches in January 2019

In six months I have gone from finding networking events making me feel apprehensive to launching a new monthly event and I absolutely love it

If you have not done any networking or been absent for a while sign up to an event today because networking is worth it!

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